Hi Esoteric Team,

I am rigging a tail animation and I wanted to understand how the previous bones rotation is compared to the current bones rotation via the current axis selection.


I almost always have the AXES set to world so I always know the exact amount of rotation that I am dealing with but If I could see the difference in rotation from the parent to the child that would also be helpful. I believe that is what parent and local do for me but how exactly do they differ?

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Hello Tim,

How rotation works in relation to the different axes is explained in the related user guide page and video:
Tools - Spine User Guide: Rotate tool

Regarding your question, in this specific case, they don't differ as both are relative to the parent rotation.
Local or Parent: The value is the counterclockwise rotation relative to the item's parent, where 0 is pointing the same direction as the parent's X axis.
If you want to have an exact amount applied to your bones, don't forget you can use numeric entry to input a relative value and have Spine apply it for you:
Tools - Spine User Guide: Numeric entry
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