First of all, bear with me, I'm not very familiar with this program.
I'm trying to do something unconventional: Pixel art, but turned and twisted and turned using mesh warps and simple transformations. But, I don't know how to prevent the billinear pixel filter to occur on my spritesheet. I'm fine with it occurring later, but I want the pixels to be sharp.
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Welcome to Spine!

In Spine, click the logo in upper left, then Settings, then Graphics:
Settings - Spine User Guide: Graphics
You want to uncheck Viewport linear filtering.

If you are doing a retro pixel style game where you render to a buffer, then write that buffer to the screen, you can check Viewport pixel grid to simulate the same in Spine. With this style, a pixel art game can be scaled up without the pixels in the original are from being rotated. You can enable and see how Spine behaves to see what I mean. For example, turn it on, zoom in, and then rotate an image and observe how the pixels are rendered versus with Viewport pixel grid off.
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