I'm new to Spine. I need to clarify doubts but in my country there is no one who can help me.

So here we go:

1) Is there a way to tag keyframe on all parts at the same time?

Sometimes I want to do a standing pose, but I have to click on the head, mark, click on the arm, mark, and this is quite annoying ...

2) How can I exchange character expressions?

In my project there are 3 heads with 3 different expressions and I wanted to change them in the middle of an animation. But I can't do that.

3) Is there a way to draw on the spine?

I would like to plan some animations by making drawings over the top.

If you have any videos that help in these doubts I will be very grateful!
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Hello, and welcome on the forum!

Here are the answers:

1. You can press Ctrl+shift+L it's my favorite hotkey! More hotkeys here: Spine: Cheat Sheet

2. You can activate a different attachment during an animation by activating/deactivating its visibility dot in the tree, then clicking on the key icon of the slot:
Key Frames - Spine User Guide: Attachments

3. Drawing in Spine is not possible, but you can import a sequence of frames, or export your current sequence to edit the frames in your preferred image editor.

You can find videos specifically addressing your questions at the bottom of the pages I linked, but you can also find more resources here: New to the tutorials section? Please read before posting
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