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Date: 28 Apr 2017
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Order total: $299
License type: Professional

When I try run Spine after I paste licence number I goth message: Sorry, the server could not be contacted. Please check your internet..... I can't figure out what is going on? It is not internet or firewall problem. I start working on this firm later, and a colleague who works before me left a job and I take his duties what take also work on Spine. I instal Spine on my computer and couple tasks I finish without problems and after a pause after one month Spine do not want work. Please help.
Thank you,
Miroslav Pavlovic
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Sorry you are having trouble! Due to a certificate expiration, you'll need to download and reinstall Spine, else it can't reach the server.

If you can't find your Spine license page, you can use the license recovery page:
Spine: License Recovery
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