Hi, since we already have: Additive, Screen, Multiply blending mode.
Can we have more signature blending mode from Photoshop like:
- Overlay
- Color Dodge
And we already have Clipping mask, so I think we can have another mask function which only work with image attach inside it instead of the whole scene. Like how in photoshop, each layer have its own personal mask:
Here is some thing useful if we have those kind of mask:
(The mask should be able attached to bone as well,
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Hello, and thank you for the suggestion.

The reason the blending modes we support are limited to the ones you can find here: spine-scripts/photoshop at master · EsotericSoftware/spine-scripts
is because we have to ensure said blending modes are compatible across all runtimes. Unfortunately, overlay and color dodge cannot be widely supported at the moment.

Regarding clipping, it can already be parented to a bone, and you can even weight it to follow multiple bones. You can read more about it in the user guide:
Clipping - Spine User Guide

Clipping is an expensive operation on the CPU as most runtimes don't support stencil buffer access or masking, but if you are using the Unity runtime, this article may be interesting for you: Blog: Unity SpriteMask and RectMask2D support
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