Hey Folks,

Wondering if this is already on your product roadmap.

Would be nice if we could get another timeline in the Spine Editor for raising label events up through the runtime. The role of this would be to allow the animator to communicate certain key events up to code. Consider the following scenario

- Action RPG Title
- Characters are Spine characters, either using the same rig with different skins or different rigs entirely
- Two characters on screen
- Code directs Character 1 to play "attack" animation.
- Code directs Character 2 to play "hit-by-attack" animation.

Ideally, we'd like to trigger Character 2's animation on a certain frame of animation in Character 1's animation. They way I've seen this done in the past is via a Labels timeline in Flash.

Spine could accomplish this by adding a new Labels timeline to the dopesheet and having the runtime raise events during animation playback when it encounters a label
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