Hello guys, apologies for the long title!!
I'm working on a project that's using a meshed image sequence that's bound to bones and is shaped along a path.
The path is set up to follow the shape of a rectangle.

The problem i'm having is that there are two different sized rectangles, so I wanted to use skins to swap between the two different sizes. However, when I swap from the large rectangle to the small, the path is now not matching the shape.
I try re-sizing the path to fit and this works fine. However the bones following the path do not scale proportionally to fit the smaller, re-sized path.

I tried re-scaling the bones to fit the smaller rectangle but I when i switch back to the large rectangle the bones do not scale back to fit the larger rectangle.

Would be great to get your thoughts on this? Is it possible to use one path, one set of bones & one set of images but different poses for different skins?

I can send the Spine project if this helps better understand my problem and setup, I can't post as it's for a commercial project.
Many thanks, Steve :nerd:

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You can use a different path for the larger rectangle. Note the path constraint points at the slot, not a particular path in that slot. In the animation for the bigger rectangle, you would show the matching path.

Other than that, you can configure the path constraint to affect the bones in many ways. You can use chain scale with the spacing set to a percent. In 4.0 proportional spacing can do the same without you needing to do math. Or you could set the scaleX for the bones in the bigger rectangle animation so they are longer and use length spacing for the constraint.

You could use skin bones, so each skin has its own bones, but I don't think you need that, the above should work fine.
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